Where is the RTC battery on the Toshiba M 30?

Hello - I am looking for the location of this battery. I have the Toshiba maintenance manual but I cannot understand where exactly it is. The manual says how to change it but is less clear on where to find it.

Thank you
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    Usually, the RTC battery (Lithium CR 2032) is located in the Memory compartment under the laptop.
  2. Thank you for your help. I did check there on your advice but don't see any battery. Is there any other location that the RTC battery is typically found (assuming mine is typical).
  3. What model is it? Also what the manual says?

    May be we can interpret it in a different way so you can find it.
  4. The model is the Toshiba Satellite M 30, circa 2003, Centrino M processor. The manual is available on the internet (googled it). I am not sure if this forum allows for attachments - if so I could attach the file. The battery doesn't seem to be specified except that it has two pods(the right word?)..as if two round cells are stuck together - at least that's what the diagram shows. The table with the battery specs states 2.4 V NiMH battery but no code.
  5. After reading the manual, I will have to make a guess and say it is in a compartment on the left hand side of the mousepad.
  6. Thanks! Will give this a shot - that diagram was cryptic or is it just me?
  7. Took me a while to figure out where it is and I am not even 100% confident and you can't understand them.

    I would say the manual is not written in a way for effective communication.
  8. Hi - I was silent for a while and didn't want to think that I just forgot about your help! I did look and look again and I am guessing that someone actually removed this battery which is why it harder to find the location. Its just a guess but I can't find it and taking off the bottom cover to expose the motherboard is a tricky task.

    But I want to thank you for your help and that your time is not wasted - as soon as work settles down I am going to give this another shot.

    Its a valuable learning experience for me - can take apart and build a desktop but laptops -never opened one before!
  9. Some things to consider:

    1. Ground yourself with an anti-static wrist band.
    2. In used laptops, a substantial amount of the plasticizers (which makes the component plastic') would have boiled off, thereby making the component brittle. Use a plastic scribe and carefully pry apart the parts following the service manual. The parts are brittle!
    3. Many of the ribbon connectors are ZIF (zero insertion force) and the latch must be carefully disengaged before separating the connector. This is explained in the manual, but many of us don't read instructions. Hence the term "RTFM" :)
    4. Take photos of the inside of the laptop before disconnecting parts. Use a good camera; not a cell phone.

    Good luck!
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