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Native Display Issues

I built my computer, fired it up, and it worked on the first try. :bounce:

I'm having one issue, however: my monitor, a Samsung Rose Black 24" LCD, won't display in it's native resolution (1920 x 1080). I have an EVGA GTX470 for graphics.

The edges of the Windows 7 desktop go "off" the edges of the screen unless I manually bring the display down to 1860ish x 1040ish.

Is this a driver issue? I don't have that computer hooked up to the internet yet (using a public computer right now), so I haven't been able to fully update the drivers.

Anyone ever experience this yet?
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    If you are you are still using the default W7 driver then it's probable as that driver is a lot older than the 470.
  2. Which of the following inputs on the monitor (I'm assuming it's a P2450H) are you using D-Sub or DVI or HDMI? It's always preferable to use the DVI or HDMI connector with the appropriate DVI or HDMI cable from the graphics card.

    What display scaling method are you using, the monitor's built-in scaling or the nVIDIA driver's scaling?
  3. As of right now, yes, I'm using Windows 7 as-is. I have not gotten the computer online yet to download the latest from either EVGA, or Microsoft (or the motherboard, etc.).

    I am using the HDMI cable which came with my graphics card.
  4. Thanks for the input, folks. I got it working. I managed to get it over to a friends' house, hook it up to the internet, download a few drivers, and it worked. It's beautiful... :pt1cable:
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