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Biostar MOB Antec Case front panel connection questions


I have an Antec Case NSK 4482B. Manual found here:

I have a Biostar Mother board (MOB). Manual found here:

My question(s) are as follows:
1) There is a wire labeled speaker from the front panel of the case..........where do i connect this on the MOB?

2) There are two sets of wires: One labeled "AC'97" and one labeled "HD audio". My mother board supports both. Am i supposed to connect both sets of wires to my MOB or only one? If only one which one should i use/connect? I am a little confused.
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  1. Here is a picture of the speaker wire that is in the case
  2. the image i tried to upload did not work..........any ideas?
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    For your second question, you are only supposed to pick 1 to plug into your motherboard. Depending on which you have active in your BIOS (AC97 or HD audio) is the one you will want to plug in. I don't use on-board sound but if I'm not mistaken, AC97 is used more often, but I wouldn't quote that.

    Back to your first question (strange order, eh?). Are you referring to the system speaker by chance, the one that usually plugs into the motherboard case headers along with the power switch, reset, etc. Obviously I can't see a picture of it. Does it look just like a plain ordinary speaker?

    For your upload issue try a different file hosting site.
  4. the speaker wire from the case has a connector with 4 "slots/pins" in it. The red wire goes into position 1 and the black wire into position 4.

    I tried to upload pic but couldnt.

    After looking at it a bit.......i think its just straight forward on how to connect he speaker wire to the MOB.

    However, i am still confused on the HD audio and the AC'97 connections and what i do with those?
  5. hi genericuser,

    THanks for the info. I am not sure which to use. I dont have HD speakers or headphones.
  6. Do you have just plain speakers then? As long as you have some sort of audio device you can really use either one, but just go with AC97 for simplicity. Double check to make sure that drivers are installed for it. They will be on the CD with your motherboard.
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