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I have question about my setup want to have 2 computers and 2 monitors. So hears what i want to have my macbook pro and dell desktop both plugged into the same two monitors at the same time and just switch over when I need to use to the two monitors with the macbook or the dell desktop without switch cables around. I was thinking of using a vga switch box but i cant find 1 for my needs. The cheaper the better. If anyone can help that would be great. Thanks
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  1. Are you even capable of dual monitoring(two external monitors) with just the Mac Book Air or does it only allow for 1 video output by itself? If it is (which I didn't think it was) you could use a Dual monitor KVM switch (personally don't have very many good experiences w/ KVM switches - usually some issue arises w/ compatibility). But from the way you've described what you want it doesn't seem practical. I assume the Mac Book will remain portable (which means plugging and unplugging anyways). The other option is a virtual KVM(synergy2, KaVoom etc.) or RDP software (both computers will need to be on) .

    Free Alternative that may work:

    If you have extra money to throw at it check out this link
  2. I think you can get KVM switches that will work with multiple monitors but they are relatively expensive. I have a mac mini next to my desktop PC, but only one monitor. I wanted to buy a KVM switch and then one day I noticed that newegg had a real low priced on one sale that had very good reviews so I bought one. The cheapest and most common KVM switches use VGA monitors so I had to switch my monitor from a DVI cable to a VGA cable, and put an adapter on the back of my desktop PC. Anyway this cheap KVM works great. It might be possible for you to get 2 cheap KVM switches, put your mouse/keyboard/1 monitor on the first KVM, and only a monitor on the second KVM.
  3. or you can just buy 2 monitors with 2 inputs and press the input select button whenever you want to switch pcs?
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