PC would turn on but would not boot

Hi, I transferred my old HP Pavilion P6310y components into a new Antec 300 case. When I plugged the PC, and press the ON button the PC would turn on but would not boot and the screen remains black with no beeps/sound. The PSU is working as the fan is spinning and the ON button is lit-up, the DVD tray will open once I press the button but will close back immediately. I double checked the wiring cables, but to no avail. I searched the net and tried some of the fixes including removing and re-installing the RAM, video card and even removing the battery to clear the CMOS, but again to no avail. Prior to the components transfer to the new case, I already replaced the PSU (Corsair 400) and installed a GT240 video card and even installed a Blu-Ray as a 2nd drive (in the last 2 months). The HP PC was working fine with all the upgrades until I decided to transfer the whole system into the new case. Thinking it may be the cables/ wiring, I finally returned back the components to the old HP case but still got the same problem- would turn on but will not boot. Please help. Thanks
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  1. This may be another case of the power cable to the motherboard. There is a 24-pin (or 20-pin) cable and another 4-pin power cable. Have you connected both?
  2. Yes, both cables are connected securely.
  3. Thanks so much for the prompt response. I had a wrist strap on me during the whole process of transplanting the components. Also, the HD LED,RESET,PWR LED,SPEAKER,PWR SWITCH connections had a single "keyed" molded connection in my old HP pavilion.

    This afternoon I tried some more fixes and took out the connections for the HDD, DVD drive and all 3 sticks of RAM. I also removed the CMOS battery and re-installed the battery after a couple of minutes. The PC turned ON and made a series of beeps. 1st beep is slightly longer than the second and continued with this sequence. The DVD tray would open once I press the button but would immediately close. Still the screen is black. I powered down and re-install a stick of RAM, powered ON and no beeps, black screen. I thought maybe the RAM was the culprit and replaced with the 2nd stick -- still same result-- no beeps, black screen. Btw, I also replaced the heat sink with a Hyper 212 plus before I transplanted the components into the new case. Someone suggested I re-seat the CPU but kinda wary I may end up bending the pins or worst damaging the CPU too.

    Sadly from the looks of it, I may end up buying a new MOBO. BTW, is there a specific test to determine if the MOBO is still viable?
  4. Does the PSU continue spinning until the computer turns off, or does it stop spinning after a little while?
  5. Yes, the PSU continue spinning until the computer turns off.
  6. Also, I re-installed my GT240 video card and the fan was also spinning. A newbie question, but do you think the video card fan would not spin if the MOBO was fried?
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