2 x GTS 450 ...OR... 1 x GTX 460 OC (Palit OC Platinum)

Hi Guys

What are your thoughts on this?

Run 2 x GTS 450 or buy a single Palit Sonic Platinum OC GTX 460 ?

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  1. dont buy Palit...i haved 1 gf9800gtx and after 2 years dIE..
  2. So....dual GTS 450 or a single generic pre-clocked OC GTX 460 ?
  3. lmartinefc said:
    So....dual GTS 450 or a single generic pre-clocked OC GTX 460 ?

    If a single card will do the job, why get two? A single card preserves your option to get two later.
    Also, some games do not scale well with dual cards.
  4. Yeah, it's always best to get a single card and leave a dual card set-up as an upgrade path.
  5. Personally a single card that's not factory overlclocked is your best solutions pretty much every 460 is going to get to 800 core no problem
  6. Don't buy Palit period that are Horrible build quality and fan issues are a common complaint along with poor VRM cooling or the lack there of. Buying two GTS 450 is poor judgment as they are weak card compared to older G80 and G92 let alone R770 cards. Look into one decent card and go sli later down the road. Buying two GTS 450 is very very poor in the long run. I have own and still contenue to own multiple sli systems.

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  7. get the 460

    if you can keep the GPU horse pwr on one card then do that
  8. A_Waheed said:

    According to the review, two 450's in SLI is much faster than one 460.
  9. A lot of games won't scale well with the older cards unless nVidia has profiles for those games to run both cards properly. In my experience though, most games that only use 1 card can normally be handled no problem by one mid-range card by today's standards so You shouldn't have to really worry too much about performance. What you have to think about a lot is the heat problem. The top card will get much hotter than the bottom card so having superb airflow in your case is a must. It also helps to make sure you have a free slot between the two cards and a free slot below the bottom card so the fans can suck air from somewhere.
  10. Same thing in this review, two 450's are quite a bit faster and quieter than one 460. When you overclock them, two 450's can even beat a 480.
  11. Two GTS 450s will also cost more, use more power, give off more heat and take up more room in your case which can complicate air flow and cable management. Check out the performance per dollar chart on the techpowerup review. The GTX 460 has the SLI setup beat slightly and can always be counted on to deliver that performance, not just in games that scale well and always right when the game is released. The GTX 460 also overclocks even better than the GTS 450 so that isn't a plus. As for noise the cards both come with a wide variety of coolers so the numbers in the guru3d review are basically meaningless unless you plan to stick with the reference coolers for some reason.
    Two GTS 450s are a good deal and are in general faster than a GTX 460 but there are other considerations which favor a single card setup to the point where SLI is still better used as an upgrade path rather than being best choice to start with.
  12. 17seconds said:
    According to the review, two 450's in SLI is much faster than one 460.

    You need to use some common sense and LISTEN to what people are saying most in this thread are telling you to go with one good single card and avoid the headaches that having two GTS 450 will bring.
  13. 17seconds said:
    According to the review, two 450's in SLI is much faster than one 460.

    i would just like to point ou they they have overclocked and non overclocked 450 is this review compared to a stock 460 overclocked it would be about where stock 450's are
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