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XFX 5670 Question

Hello .

I'm a noob , i wanna buy this card Xfx 5670 512Mb GDDR5

and this my spec now :
ram 2gb DDR2
Hard Drive 160GB
Hard Drive 40GB
PSU Simcool 430w
Intel Pentium D 925 3.0Ghz

will this card runs perfectly? :)
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    Most likely yes. Your problem might be a difference in PCIe specs. Your board supports PCIe 1.0 while the card is PCIe 2.1. A 2.0 card will be fine in a 1.0 board, but I've heard lots of RUMORS that a 2.1 card will have issues. I have no knowledge if this is the case, but it should be mentioned. Try to get a 2.0 card if possible.

    Seeing as you have a slow P4D, you might want to get the 5570 instead. Your CPU won't be able to keep up with your GPU.
  2. can i upgrade pcie 1.0? :)
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