What kind of processing power is needed for a freeNAS server

I was looking into NAS units and was looking over cost. Any of the cheap units many people have complained about so I decided to just make my own unit, for a similar mid range price. However my question is what type of Processor is truly needed for a freeNAS server? I am basing the build off of a small footprint, in a Mini-ITX tower which allows 6 internal hard disk drives which will be running in RAID5.
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  1. Frankly quite small. I'm running much more than a basic FreeNAS on a p4 1.5ghz, and it does quite well. I'm obviously limited by the 440BX PCI bus, but it serves standard def video to my windows pc quite well. (no HD for me yet, I'm still in the stone ages apparently)

    For HD, you probably need to get into a dual core atom or better. These will have a pci-e bus, faster ram and sata 2 for drive access. I'd say a minimum of 1gig ram for a barebones setup.
  2. Wasn't the 440BX chipset for older p2/p3 cpus?
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