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Alright, so I apologize if this is the 100th post of this issue, but from everything that I've found people have been having issues with no sound from their recordings. I don't have that problem. I'm recording gameplay from my xbox 360 and my set up is that I have a Dazzle DVC 107. My a/v cable has both component and composite coming from the xbox. I have the component plugged into my hdtv and the composite plugged into my capture card and obviously the card connected to my computer.
Now, I have sound coming out of my computer speakers and the video is fine. So my final product is in perfect condition. It's just that there is no sound coming out of my tv and my computer is across the room which are where my speakers are. So I have to play with sound coming from across the room which is not ideal. I'm wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions or has the solution to fix this problem. Thanks everyone!
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  1. The Xbox can only send either the composite or component signal... not both. To use a dazzle, you will need to use the composite cable (red/white/yellow).

    The xbox connector should have a switch on the side that says "TV ----> HDTV", and the switch needs to be set to TV.

    Run the xbox composite cable into the tv... then run a second set of composite cables from the TV out into the dazzle. If your TV doesn't have an output, then use splitters to achieve the same effect (3 splitters needed).

    This will leave you with a SD signal on you TV, but it will work and record. Another option is to use to buy an SVideo connector for your Xbox (GameStop for $12). The Svideo will give you a better recording, and a better picture on your TV. It is setup the same way as above, expect you will need 2 rca splitters, and 1 svideo splitter if your TV doesn't have an output.
  2. Hey thanks for your help! I do have an audio output, but no video output from the tv so I just bought one splitter and now everything is working great. Thanks again :)
  3. You're welcome! I actually just set up a Dazzle on my XBox just the other day, so I knew exactly what you were talking about.
  4. yeah. i hear ya. i was playing with it for a while and thought i didn't need to do it with the splitter, but i guess i was wrong. i don't have an s-video output on my tv so i'm thinking of getting an adapter to get better image quality. what are you recording on your xbox? i just started doing a little commentary from mw2 and waiting for black ops to come out. i might get it but i'm gonna wait and see what everyone thinks of it first. same thoughts about the new medal of honor.
  5. I am mostly recording MW2 atm, and learning the software. I am having some lag issues when recording, but using Svideo should fix that from what I have read.

    There's not much you can do about picture quality with a Dazzle, because even the SVideo signal isn't that good compared to HMDI or the HD cables. But at least it clears up the picture a little bit.

    I would recommend a Hauppauge HD PVR if at some point you want to upgrade your recording setup. That way you can play in HD and still be able to record. And it really isn't that much more compared to what the dazzle plus all the extras cost ... Dazzle HD - $80, SVideo Xbox cable - $15, RCA cable - $8, SVideo cable - $10, RCA Splitters - $10 for 2, and a SVideo splitter - $15.... $138... when the HD PVR runs $175.
  6. yeah i thought about getting that hd pvr, but i thought i would try this first and see how i feel about it. i've been using the dazzle software to capture my gameplay then i take the recording to sony vegas and render through that and it gives me a better picture quality. i am still tweaking though. here's a link from the settings i used - it's a tutorial and such so i hope this helps : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmw2VvqqLCw
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