Just dont know?!?!? MSI N460GTX768D5 or HIS iCooler V H583FN1GD

Which one,
is better now?
will be more future proof?
has better features?

I am torn that the 460 is 128 bit and that the 5830 is bad at DX11 tessellation, will a driver fix that later?
Does 768mb vs 1gb make any real difference.

Price between the two make no difference to me this is just a whats better.

I use my rig a media center, play all games at 1080p on my monitor and 52" TV. The rest of system is strong i7 920DO, 6gbs ssd, 6gb ram. I am not OC anything right now, just seems unnecessary right now.

Any Q's or comments greatly appreciated!
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  1. I'd just wait for 6000 series or get a GTX 460 they quite a bit more powerful than the 5830. I would recommend getting the 1GB version. They have a bigger buffer and a increased ROP count AND they are 256-bit.
  2. Thx for the reply. But though new egg after rebate i can one of the 2 listed cards for $150. I doubt I will be-able to get a comparable 6000 series card for that price.
  3. The 460 is the better card here, but not by much. It has slightly higher performance and better SLI scaling. 768MB isnt going to hold you back much now. Just turn down the MSAA.

    The HD5830 isn't bad though, power consumption is slightly lower, but is a longer and a slightly warmer card. But unless you want eyefinity, there's not much point in one as the 460s the same price.
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