Micro Motherboards in Asus cases?

I been looking to upgrade my computer for awhile and I've been wondering with my current computer, an ASUS cg5270 computer which I bought few years ago would be able to upgrade my motherboard but was wondering if it would fit on my computer case because I've heard of ASUS using micro motherboards instead. I've tried to research what kind of motherboard I have but have no luck in finding it. Could anyone help me out?
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  1. Couple of things you can do. First, download CPU-Z HERE and it usually tells you the manufac and board model under the mainboard tab. Secondly, you can measure the board. If you get the external dimensions of the board we will be able to tell if it's micro or not. Thirdly, somewhere on the board itself you should find the motherboards number. Write down all the ones you see and search each one on the internet. You'll find it quick enough on the internet when you type in the right number. But, if I'm looking at the correct model like the one you have it only has 4 expansion slots built into the back of the case so my guess is that it is a micro ATX board. If I'm correct in my estimation of the size you will only be able to replace it with a micro board.
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