Dell inspiron 560 video problem?

i recently purchased a dell inspiron 560.
CPU: intel pentium dualcore E5500
Graphics card: Nvidia geforce G310
RAM: 4GB of DDR3
Windows 7 home premium.

I took it out of the box this evening and set it all up and when i switched it on i had no signal going to the monitor for around 30 seconds to a minute. I did not see any sort of boot screen although i could hear the initial boot noise from the computer. After around a minute i receive a black screen with just the mouse cursor (which i can move freely). I am not sure what the problem although i think it might be a video problem. Can someone please help me?.
Much appreciated
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  1. You'll need to hit the F8 key when you start up and start in safe mode .
    Could be a bad driver issue.
    Try to get it uninstalled and reinstall the latest drivers for it.
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