BFG Tech 9800GTX+ OC artifact problem?

So about a Month and 1/2 ago i bought this new card or well it was used but very lightly as said on Ebay and i agree it definitely wasn't heavily used since when i got it, the thing looked clean no dust or anything like brand new... reason for buying was to replace my BFG tech 8800gts 512 G92 cause after 2 years it finally crapped out on me and died from overheating i bet...

Now the problem with this card i have now is very strange... Most games i play i see lots of little colorful and sometimes black squares popping around the screen... game is playable but its a nuisance seeing these pests on my screen... Starcraft 2 has em noticebly, Modern warfare 2 i think i've seen em but that game hardly has any they almost never show up and when they do i dont notice em i actually have to try to look for them. Bad Company 2 i dont see any at all but instead i get a larger square that randomly pops in thats pinkish/white and that isnt that annoying cause again i hardly notice it especially when amidst all the action. Finally we come to Half Life 2 which ive recently picked up again to refresh my memory before Episode 3... This game has been by far the worst with the artifacts they're constantly on the screen popping around all over game is still playable but its frustrating to not have a nice clear picture to look at.

System Specs:
E8400 @3.0ghz
Mobo: P5N-E SLI 650i
GPU: You already know
4gb of DDR2 800 ram
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
650W Corsair Power Supply

Anyone know what the problem is? I've been wondering and maybe it could be insufficient power? I even underclocked the card and still same artifacts... This power supply came with 2 6 pin and i mistakingly 1 6 pin up by sticking in the 4 pin mobo power so i removed that wire entirely and insulated it and cleaned out the 4 pin socket and put in the right cord for mobo power... So the card is running off 1 6 pin and another 6 pin molex connector and i've always thought perhaps the molex connector doesnt give off as much juice as the normal 6pin straight off the PSU
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  1. Try to switch of any AA in the games and from the Nvidia Profiles select default for all the games installed on the PC, also try to reduce the resolutions to the 800x600 thing and check again.
    If the block still appear try a stress test on the card and lets hope it's not defective.
  2. Well i did exactly as you said and still the game showed them i tested it with Half Life 2 btw since that is where it is most noticable and most frequent...

    For a stress test what program do you recommend?

    Also I'm beginning to think it is a defective card unfortunately and although it doesnt overheat especially since the 55nm chip is used on this card i believe it may possibly be a minor part of the card that's damaged but not enough for it to completely lock everything up and die out...

    I'm considering to do a reformat and have a clean system perhaps that would fix the problem, just as soon as i get my Disk Drives to work -_- over the 2 years i've had this computer its been rough... needed to swap stock PSU to the Corsair, booting problems, GPU died and now this one is giving some trouble... the world of PC's
  3. Furmark is the best GPU stressing utility ,I think, you'll get it here,
  4. What exactly should i be looking for during the stress test?
  5. A crash or a reboot... that indicates Hardware faults.
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