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6xxx Series cards

I have been looking for leaks on the new AMD cards and have come up short. I am considering buying a 5850 to replace my old 4850, but with the release dates approaching am worried about two things,
1. The 5850's will drop 40.00 in price with in a week of the launch
2. The newer cards will crush the 5xxx series in price to performance
Either way I would regret my purchase but almost cant make myself wait. Any advice for a guy jones'ing for a new VC and money buring a hole in his pocket??
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    Either prices drop soon, as we see some already, or 6xxx series will work for you as well
  2. ^+1
  3. Just over a week now to wait. I suggest using the time to enjoy some outdoor activities. I'm guessing with a new video card, you're going to be spending quite a bit of time indoors probably holed up in a tiny dark room in front of a computer monitor.... like the rest of us.
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