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Buy 5850, wait for 6xxx cards, or go 460

Title says it all. Have plenty of CPU/PSU need to upgrade 4850. Wait for 6k series from AMD, go 5850 or bag AMD for holding us hostage with DX 11 premiums while nVidia got its cards out and buy a 460 1gb?? Money is in my pocket and smoking.
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  1. With a HD4850 I would hold on to my money and see what the HD6xxx release does to the price across the board.
    By the way AMD released DX11 cards way before Nvidia, they are coming out with their second generation of DX11 cards. Makes your comment rather strange!
  2. Whats starnge Rolli59?? ATI released the cards way before nVidia, nVidia had yield issue with the early fermi chips and delayed their DX11 cards over and over again. AMD set the market price for the ONLY DX 11 option available and took advantage with a $40.00 or so price premium. Thats just my opinon, but it pissed me off that they did this. I have been an ATI, now AMD, guy all the way back to the 9600 series and have owned ONLY ATI with the exception of a single 8800GT my son had to have. So I was disapointed that they held the price up instead of building good will with existing customers. They already OWNED the market at that point.
    I appreciate your answer, have thought your posts were well thought out and wise in the past. I have re read my post and dont see where it qualifies as "strange!"
  3. I second the wait, perhaps the lower prices you desire will come then.

    While I certainly agree with like lower prices (and miss the awesomeness of the 4800 release) I find it hard to blame AMD for not lowering prices. With little competition from NVidia for a while and the dire financial straits the company is still in, they had to eventually overcharge (make a profit) for their cards, otherwise all their recent successes would mean little.
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    The fact there are many 5850's priced at over 300 still at a large etailer like newegg does not bode well that the new AMD labeled cards are going to come in priced near what you can get the gtx 460 for.
    I guess then you could wait until the Cypress replacement is launched and buy sometime in 2011 ? /little joke there.
    My vote, give Nvidia your business.
  5. If that money is burning a hole in your pocket, don't expect to be able to by an AMD 6000 series card until at least November. As far as price drops at the end of October, Nvidia is the only one confirming that price drops on the GTX460 will be one of their responses to the 6000 series announcement.
  6. Buy a 5850 on ebay now, sell it later for $50 less and then buy the 6xxx series card. Just a thought.
  7. I'd wait a month or so.
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