Asus p8p67 mobo shuts off ~1 second after booting with minimum compone

Hello all,

Basically, I recently built a new PC. Everything was working fine, but a couple days ago, my PC would not properly boot. When I hit the power button, the case fans and the cpu fan would start, but 1 second later, the entire system would shut down.

After doing some research, I saw a lot of different possible causes for this, such as shorting, bad psu, faulty ram, etc, but most of these do not really apply, as my PC had been working perfectly for a month.

One thing I want to note is that a couple days before this problem showed up, I got a warning that the voltage on my +5v rail was too low (4.360v). I looked into this too, and it confused me because I had not seen this in warning before, but could this stop booting completely?

Here are the exact parts in my machine
* intel i5-2500k (stock speeds)
* rosewill challenger case
* Asus p8p67 mobo
* 2x4gb corsair vengeance ram (1.5v)
* Seasonic 560w x-series (gold rated)
* Asus EAH6850 1gb gpu
* 1tb samsung spinpoint f3 hdd
* samsung cd/dvd drive

As you can see, I invested a lot in quality parts.. One concern I had was the PSU wattage being too small, but again, I haven't had any problems running cpu/gpu intensive games up until a few days ago.

I received a lot of good help when I posted in a different area of the forum, but I think I have narrowed it down to the motherboard being the issue, so I'm posting here in hopes of getting a more specific response.

Most recently, I've used the paper clip trick to verify that my PSU is not faulty (I kept the case fans plugged in, and they started up and stayed on). I also "bread-boarded" my PC by taking the mobo out of the case, placing it on top of a cardboard box, leaving only the power / cpu power / fan / 1 stick of ram plugged in, and turning it on, only to get the same result. I even went so far as to take the ram out, but same thing. :fou:

Does this basically mean my motherboard is the problem? Is there any way to verify this before I try to get it repaired by Asus?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Since your PSU doesn't talk, I suppose the mobo gave the message.

    I suspect the PSU. No matter how good the manufacturer, every once in a while something breaks. Swap in another.

    Unfortunately, the "paper clip test" diagnoses very little. The best PSU diagnostic tool is a spare PSU.
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    Could you link us to the other thread so that we can rule out what you have already tried/tested.

    Its possible that the PSU is still the problem. Have you tried checking the voltages of the PSU using a multimeter or a PSU checker. You will need to connect up the paperclip to power up the PSU and then use the multimeter to check the 12V, 3.3V and most importantly the 5V rails. If they are more than 0.3 volts off what they are supposed to be then you'll have something to worry about.

    To test PSU voltages use this guide:

    Or better still, If you have another PSU lying around, use it to test your system. This is probably easier and if the computer stays on you can be pretty sure that the PSU is the issue.

    Now if the PSU is putting out the correct voltages (and it should be: Seasonic is a top quality PSU maker), or the computer still doesn't work with a different PSU, then its most likely that your motherboard is the problem.

    PLEASE NOTE: My computer with a P8P67 Motherboard and a Corsair HX650 PSU has the following voltages displayed in the AI Suite:

    +12V : 12.192V
    +5V : 5.200V
    +3.3V : 3.408V
  3. Hmm, thank you guys for the responses.

    The other thread is located here:

    And now that you mention it, I guess it could be the PSU.. I stated this in the other thread, but a couple days before my system started having problems, I got a warning message from the AI suite saying that my +5v was too low: around 4.360v. I read somewhere that the +5v rail is used to power the pci-e devides as well as usb/ps2 devices, so I figured that since it still wasnt working with nothing plugged in, the PSU was okay.

    I have a not been able to check out the voltages directly, as I don't have a multimeter on hand... Do you think the warning of the +5v is enough to conclude it's probably the PSU? or should I buy a meter?
  4. To be honest the best way to rule out your PSU is to test the computer with a different PSU. Using a multimeter to test is better than the standard paperclip and fan test, but it still doesn't simulate a load on the PSU which could cause the voltage to drop to 4.3 volts when the computer is powered on.

    If you can lay your hands on a different PSU I'd try that before going out and buying a multimeter and testing it that way.

    Another thing you could do if you cannot get another PSU or a multimeter to test with is contact ASUS and Seasonic support and ask their opinion regarding what you should do. Chances are you are going to have to RMA either your PSU or Motherboard anyway!
  5. That makes sense.. I think I have a friend who can lend me a PSU, so I'll try that first, and then go from there. Thanks for your input!
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