I booted my new build last night for the first time w/and old EIDE hard drive. i changed the boot options from USB-CD/DVD-HDD to HDD-CD/DVD-USB. i purchased a new drive today (SATA). NOW the graphics card(s) won't signal the monitor!!! So i can't see a daggum thing! Guess i'm going to have to put the old EIDE drive back in, reset the boot order in setup and then what? Should i be able to boot from the DISC that came w/the ASUS mobo? the HDD didn't come w/ANYTHING. Do i need to download something to USB to boot with? the mobo manual isn't telling me ANYTHING! where do i go from here please?
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  1. Ok, have signal now. phew! i got things going w/the old drive; removed it as things begin to happen. Now, with the ASUS DVD used to boot with - i'm stuck on FreeDOS asking if i want to make a RAID DISK (i don't) - it refers to a floppy drive that i don't have. the other option is FreeDOS. the system sees the C:/ drive, there's nothing there. How do i get the OS installed? it is on a disk in the CD-Rom drive.
  2. PANIC OVER!!! After toiling w/FreeDOS for a minute, i did some research on the Web, it's the OS available on the HDD; i think the ASUS boot disk installed it to the available HDD. There's only 1 in there now, so it had no other to choose from.

    Didn't understand the situation w/the 2 CD and DVD drives. Went to Microsoft Support -which said- Put the XP Pro 64b disk in the BOOTABLE CD or DVD drive and setup will begin. i'm thinking, 'it can't be THAT easy' :-) But it was! Only the DVD drive was bootable. Once i rebooted with the disk in the drive, SETUP BEGAN!

    So, i'm on my way. Ppl are reading, but not responding, so i solved my own problems and hopefully can help someone else in my earlier predicament.
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