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Just registered here, so hopefully this is the right place to ask this. I built a new rig about 2 months ago, and everything has worked perfectly up until yesterday. Since then, my computer has randomly been shutting off/restarting itself. Sometimes it will shut off and then restart back up on its own without anything else happening, and it worked fine. A few times it has shut off and tried to restart itself, but the CPU LED on the motherboard stayed red and my monitor never picks up a signal, causing me to have to restart it again manually.

I haven't installed any new hardware since building it, nor has there been any common trend or thing I was doing when the shutdowns happened. Using SpeedFan, my CPU temperatures have never been above 20-25C when the crash happened, so it doesn't appear to be overheating. I've run virus/malware scans and nothing was picked up. There have been about 5 or 6 shutdowns since yesterday, some being like an hour apart and others like 10 hours apart. Any idea what could be causing these shutdowns?

My build is pretty much exactly the 2nd "Gamer" build listed here: (the one with the i5 and GTX460)

Any help would be appreciated a ton
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  1. 1. Remove any overclocks.
    2. Make sure RAM is manually set to correct timings and v per manf specs in Bios.
    3. Run memtest for at least 8 passes.

    Most common causes for this is bad RAM.
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