Liquid or Air cooling?

I am helping a guy out with buying parts for his new computer. He is thinking about doing liquid cooling but I am not sure about that since I know almost nothing about liquid cooling. Here are his specs at the moment.

- Asus Rampage III Extreme
- Intel Core i7 980x
- Kingston 24gb DDR3 1600 MHz (6 x 4gb)
- 2x NVIDIA Geforce GTX 580
- Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion
- Silverstone ST1500 1500Watt.

can he get away with air?
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  1. lol what is this for? Gaming? A waste of money, simply put.

    -An i7 950 would do very good
    -you only need one GTX 580 and a 1200W can run both.. heh an 850w could even run them both..
    -And 6GB of ram would be fine.
    -Get an NH-D14 CPU cooler and it will do wonders... i promise.

    **Note that my recommendations are only if this is a gaming build**
  2. I told him that those parts are crazy, I'll see what he says. So your saying air cooling would work? I forgot to say that what I meant by at the moment is what he thinks he needs.
  3. Air all the way. And bring the parts down...
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