GPU for eyefinity

I just bought 3 hp 20" monitors for eyefinity, each 1600x900.

I'm guessing that'll be 4800x900 at a resolution.

I need a graphics card that'll run the games I play; tf2 and l4d2 on high settings.

I'm currently on a stock clocked athlon 440 (don't laugh) and I'm planning on oc'ing it soon.

My budget is as low as it can be to get a stable 60 fps in tf2.

Oh yeah, I have a TX650 PSU (Major overkill) and I'm using onboard graphics atm. Also, no crossfire or sli on my motherboard

Thanks :)
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  1. You bought 3 monitors and your budget for the GPU is as low as you can go? You arent going to get very good performance on eyefinity with anything lower than a 5870 or a 5850, ideally you should be running a 5970 for that resolution.
  2. I'll look into a 5850. I never used eyefinity before and so didn't know what to expect in a card to get a stable fps in the given res

    It's not as low as it can go, I just do not want to spend more than I have to
    Thanks for the reply5
  3. You might want to wait for 68xx.
  4. ares1214 said:
    You might want to wait for 68xx.

    I am. My monitors won't arrive until the 20th anyways, but I still want to know what I need to get so that I won't be left in the dark when they do come out. Besides, no charts or nothing showing their specs. Also, price would probably be to high at release for me to afford
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