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Graphics Card Failure?

Hello, I've got some problems with my graphics card.

About 2 days ago, I was playing civilization 4 on a pretty taxing mod, but none-the-less my computer was able to handle it very easily for about a month. Then all of a sudden it goes at about 3 fps instead of 60+. I restart the computer and it seems fine for the rest of the night. The next day I play sc2, which has been working wonderfully on low since I got it in july, after about 2 games of play (30 minutes) it goes down to 1-2 fps. I restart it does the same thing. I tried dragon age on low which worked well before that didnt last long either. The computer even has problems with running firefox if i dont restart.

I had 8 gigs of ram, and integrated GeForce 9100 3821 MB, and an AMD Quad Core 9750 2.4 Ghz

What's the problem, is it my bad graphics card thats dying?

everything else seems to work fine, as long as I don't play a game
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  1. This sounds like a driver crash and is common if the gpu becomes unstable enough due to overheating ect. I suggest that you look at getting either a new card ot improving the cooling of your current gpu. Add a fan onto the NB or clean it if is only full of dust from the cpu cooler.
  2. I would download and install driver sweeper, uninstall the video driver and all driver related components, run driver sweeper, remove anything that is nvidia related, and update the driver to the newest version.

    Make sure you restart every time you are prompted.
  3. Also what temp is the video cards running.
  4. Ok sounds good, I'm not really sure how exactly to do that (the driver sweeper), remove anything nvidia related, really? it is integrated.

    I have no idea, would I have to test the temperature?

    well I've thought about getting a new card, but frankly my processor isnt all that hot anyway, so it would be like upgrading something thats mediocre anyway.

    I'm going to get a new computer for graduation in june anyway.'

    I will check on the dust
  5. Your cpu isn't that bad and I got a 8250e that I nuked with a 42% overlock :) with room to grow. A cheap card is better like a dirt cheap $30-40 that you won't miss. Less pizza and junk more pc parts. :)
  6. ok cool. so is this clearly a video card problem? or should i attempt the driver switch, fan cleaning etc as well
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    OMG /face palm -.-

    YES! But messing with drivers isn't going to help if it is a hardware issue. So clean the machine and update the drivers.
  8. Ok sorry for the delayed response, cleaning the fan out fixed most of it, I figured it wasn't worth it to try to change the drivers too
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