Silverstone fortess case and Corsair h70

I have been spec'ing out a new build and have a question for you all. I am a visual kinda person and love the looks and features of the fortress case but my question is, will the corsair H70 fit in the top 120 fan slot with a push/pull two fan combo and not overlap the motherboard?? I have seen photos of the H50 with only one fan work and was wondering if the extra fan thickness would impede anything on the motherboard.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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  1. I can't definitively answer your question until next month when I put a Sandy Bridge in that case, but it sure looks like it might.

    However, I wouldn't use a self-contained liquid cooler in that case. I'd use a big air cooler.

    Corsair recommends cool air be brought *into* the case through the radiator to cool the cpu. That won't work well in the Fortress since you already have a positive pressure case (3x180mm bottom fans) and 1x120mm exhaust you shouldn't replace/reverse.

    So if you use exhaust, the Corsair won't perform as well as it could and therefore would be bested more easily by large air coolers.
  2. So i should look into a mugen or 212+ or the likes of those types of coolers. I see what you mean by the intake fans not blowing what should be the coolest air into the rad fan. Of the big air coolers, which would you recommend in this case? It seems to be large enough to accept most sizes,but then what about ram height issues on the big air cooler, is that not a problem as I really like G. Skill ripjaws and PI blacks and they seem to have high ram heatsinks with a blower fan on top. again any advice on this would be appreciated.
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    The Thermaltake Silver Arrow looks like the current "King":

    That's the cooler I plan to use (if it will fit the new socket) because . . . well, just because lol. I don't plan to waste money on heat-sinked memory since memory performance is almost unnoticable in gaming. Plus the air flow in the case should be *plenty* and I don't plan to push the memory anyhow.
  4. thanks for that great info, I'll definately look into getting that. Enjoy your new build and happy holidays to you and yours!!!!!
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