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Flashing Screen in Certain games only have a HD 4850 1g XFX any time i try to run FFXIV retail or the Benchmark the screen starts flashing from the menu and is unplayable in game have a BE 555 4 core at 3.7ghz 4 gigs of 1600 ram 700 PS and a ASUS M4A89GTD MB pls help me idk if my Card is teh issues the drivers witch i have 10.9 or what to do?!
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  1. Were you able to play it normally before you unlocked the cores of the 555BE?
    Did you try to change the 4850's configurations too?
    If it worked fine before the cores were unlocked, try using just 3cores and then check again. And if it still does the same thing go back to 2 Cores and try it.
  2. putting cores back to 2 cores on the 555 BE seemed to fix it, any way to unlock them and not have the issues im having?
  3. Nope, it won't help, since it seems that the cores might be defective...... you would not have had that issue if they were fine.
    It's safer this way, since using the damaged cores would/could in the long run damage the functioning of the 2 perfect cores......
    It's better to have 2 then have None , I guess :)
  4. yea for sure thx for the help its good to be up and running on FFXIV
  5. Glad to help, that's what we're here for :)
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