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    If your looking for a budget build, i suggest AMD over intel.

    CPU and mobo

    Case: This is actually reccommended by Toms LOL, it comes with good fans and good reviews.

    Video card: is 75 bucks all you can spend on a card? You wont get much for gaming on anything less than a hundred i dont think. If your gonna go budget/performance then I would suggest a 9800gt or a 4850/70. Here is a 4850, its what i use, and its better than a 5670 any day.

    Monitor: this one is only 1366x768, which honestly is low end, here is something that is the same price but its a step up. I use an LG and tho mine is 1080p capable, i imagine that the LG is as good quality as samsung.

    Your DVD and HDD are fine IMO. But when it comes to low end procs, go AMD over intel. AND BTW, i dont know if others are having this problem, but your memory link is broken, so here is the memory I suggest. its OCZ and only 65.99 after rebate.

    EDIT: Which PSU are you going to use?
  2. thanks for the reply. the video card is over 100 just 75 after mir. As for psu what would be a good wattage for my specs?: Would 600w be good enough? I just wanted to throw something together to run nba 2k11 good as this is my first build. i will get better parts next time i upgrade a new computer.
  3. how much of a difference will i see between both monitors? I already bought everything. thats why im sticking with intel. Also here is link for my ram
  4. 600 watt is technically more than enough but it would be good to have if you are going to upgrade and want some headroom. But keep in mind, with PSUs you get what you pay for generally. Avoid cheap PSUs to maximize system life and protection. BFG, Rosewill(STALLION Series only IMO and 80+) Antec, OCZ, Thermaltake, Cougar, Coolermaster are what i would suggest for brands.
  5. do you know if the case i selected comes with a psu? i couldnt find anything. Also the ram i selected will work correct? I know motherboard is ddr3 thats what that ram is. Also with my setup i know its midrange but would it play nab 2k11 at max settings?
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