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Alright, here is the deal. I am constructing a mini itx gaming build (obvious enough, yeah?) I plan to buy a gtx 570 or gtx 580. After reading the recent sub $200 cpu benchmarks it seems going amd would be decent and cheap. I need to have a new desktop in general at the moment, my old one has kicked the bucket and I need a replacement asap. I honestly can not wait for sandy bridge, and I would appreciate of no one would nag me to. Basically my question is this: If I buy a gtx 570-580, would it be acceptable to go for an athlon x4 or phenom x4 (like in the article) for a TEMPORARY solution? I have an hd 5750 and I can only afford to spend about $200 or so more dollars on a motherboard+cpu after the graphics card. I will replace the motherboard and cpu in the next few months after sandy bridge if out again, and maybe bulldozer. Is this a decent temporary solution?
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  1. Also, would it be better to focus on the quad cores, or focus on a higher clocked,over clocked phenom x2 like the 565?
  2. Hi!
    I like your idea of waiting for Sandy Bridge, and you'd be very happy with it. If you're looking to get a geforce card like GTX 570 or 580 like you said go with Intel i5-2500K+Asus/Gigabyte/MSI P67 series..... even if you don't want OC, it's still a better deal than H67 mobos and non "K" i5-2500.. I assume that you need OC anyways, why not 4-5 more fps in gaming right?!. i5-2500K is a champ in gaming and pretty much everything. It does outperform the latest AMD processors at this time. AMD processors would perform better with AMD video cards according to my opinion. Since you want the GTX 570/580 you will totally appreciate the i5-2500K with it in gaming and all the other heavy duty that PC can ever perform.... So i5-2500K+GTX580 is way to go!
  3. I understand it is the superior choice, but as I said, would this build be suitable for a temporary substitute until sandy bridge is out in full force? And if so which amd cpu would fare the best? As a last note amd gpus do not really preform better on amd cpus. If it did, it would be negligible.
  4. AMD quad-core would be pretty good temporary substitute of course... I am pretty sure that AMD dual core would bottleneck the GTX 570/580... I guess any AMD quad core would be ok!
  5. Alright, thanks for the answer :D I guess I will stick to that unless anyone raises any objections.
  6. You are very welcome! BTW, Sandy bridge mobos should be out very soon... I would say like 2 weeks or so..
  7. Well I will just get this set up for now, earn some more money, sell this off to my friend, and get the sandy bridge stuff a few weeks after release of it.
  8. sounds like a good deal ! =)) good luck bud.
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