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Hello, I just bought this computer,|84|90366|56671|78519&N=4045265&Mo=16&No=2&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&cat=78519&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&hierPath=84*90366*56671*78519*&topnav=
and was wondering if this video card can be upgraded, and if it worth even upgrading. I dont know much about computers but i love to play mmos and want to buy a new computer before Star wars the old republic comes out. I can return it no questions asked but i really dont want to unless its completely necessary. Any replies would be great, thank you.
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  1. So if i buy that graphics card then i could install it myself?
  2. Of course you can install it by yourself... :)
    it's pretty easy.
  3. OK sweet, im just asking to make sure there isnt going to be a compatibility problem. I heard that there can be some, i tried reading some articles here but its pretty confusing at the moment.
  4. Since ZT isn't Dell or HP, I would not expect a quality PSU. I would pop in a new PUS before u upgrade the vid card. The system has a strong CPU and plenty of RAM, you can go for 5850 and still not be bottle necked by the the rest of the system, a 5670 would not not even come close to giving the X6 a workout.
  5. That would be a power supply right? What would be a good one, or a range i should be going for.
  6. Here's a good quality PSU that will run mostly any card and your system with no problem

    Good price as well.
  7. Also you might want to wait a few weeks since new 6 series video cards are coming out. Prices of current cards should also drop if the new cards are too expensive.
  8. Thank you everyone for the great info. I will wait then for the new video cards, what would be good ones coming out?
  9. I would get a 5000 series graphics card. maybe wait for the 6000 series release for a price drop on the 5000 series cards.
  10. Would this graphics card be alright?
    I am also trying to upgrade the power supply, but if i get this first and install it with my old power supply, would that be a problem?
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