Maximus iv extreme-z will not boot at all!

Wont boot

Just put this build together

HAF 932
Maximus iv extreme-z
Intel 2600k
H70 Watercooler
Ripjaw 8GB ddr3-2133
120gb ssd
1tb hdd
1200 Antec PSU

I just put this together all night took me all night, now when i power on the computer the screen doesnt come on it does not boot the fans are spinning everything works there is a small RED LED light constantly on near the 24Pin Power plug states "D_RAM LED"

the error Number shows 30 on the mobo, ive taken out one stick and put it back in the sticks are all the way in and the PSU is fine.
Please help as this is a birthday present for my little bro
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  1. Have you set your memory profile in your BIOS to X.M.P?

    It is in your Tweaker menu in BIOS under AI Overclock (from memory).
  2. yeah mobos fine and cant even get into the bios or load up still a pain. just getting ERROR 04 showing on the mobo now and no more development! need help
  3. actually new thing the computer starts up then turns itself of after about 2 seconds the screen still doesnt come on. its really annoying me ><
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    The error 04 is a "PCH initialization before microcode loading". Taken from the manual.

    I don't know what this is unfortunately.

    Have you tried clearing the CMOS and checking that the CPU is seated correctly?

    I did find this:

    Not sure if it's the same problem as yours.
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