Power Supply for Haf 932 and specs?

How many watts would be required to run a I7 930, HD5870, 6gb memory,1 optical drive, one hard drive 7200, and Cooler master Haf 932 with a couple extra fans? Please respond and if you have a suggestion for a psu post it.
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  1. The most important thing you need to consider is your video card. For one, how much amperage from the 12+v rail does it require and what is the minimum requirements of wattage you need for that video card. By looking at your specs you could go with a 650 watt. Make sure it's 80+ certified. Anything Corsair is great, i'm personnaly using the Corsair TX 750 watt - have been for about 3 years now(and it's still running strong) and i'm running a GTX 460 sli setup along with an i7 920. happy PSU hunting, cheers!
  2. Even with liquid cooler for cpu?
  3. davcon said:

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] MPSU-650TX

    Will this be able to power my system? Which now consists of A cooler master 690 ii advanced, cosair liquid cooler for cpu, hd5870, i7 930, one optic drive, one 7200 rpm hd, 2 140mm fans, 2 120mm fans and a 80mm fan.

    Sorry for the EXACT details but I just want to be sure.
  4. Link is broken but if it is to a Corsair 650TX then yes it will handle your system just fine.
  5. Yep! a Corsair TX650 is a very good unit.
  6. thanks for the help! i'll be enjoying this rig shortly : )
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