Usa question regarding souncards

Edit: Apologies for the weird thread title - damn work keyboard is a nightmare

Hi all,
I just wanted to make sure I was correct in my assumption regarding soundcards:

If i have a soundcard installed, and I have a normal 3.5mm jack headset plugged into the front of the PC (or even the back for that matter) usingthe motherboards sound, if I then plug speakers into the soundcard installed am I able to listen to itunes through the speakers whilst talking and hearing someone on skype through the headset.

I believe I can do it without a sound card if I buy a USB headset, but to be honest I think I may aswell just buy a soundcard instead.

In addition to this, can anyone recommend a cheap sound card? I am not a sound connoisseur, so am not looking for a great quality card, just something that will allow music to be played while on headset with skype (basically it doesn't really need to be any better than onboard sound tends to be)

For ultimate budget there is a £10 Speedlink one:

For something hopefully more respectable there is Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy SE for £20:

Then there is an Asus Xonar DG 5.1 which I imagine would be good at £25:

As I say, I am not looking for fantastic quality, so if the £10 would be at least as good as onboard then it would do, on the other hand if it will be crappy I would rather spend more for something decent if it is worth the extra cash (I know they are all pretty cheap, but as someone who clearly does not appreciate the finer quality of sound I don't want to spend what I won't reall notice)

Many Thanks for your help!
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  1. Wouldn't touch Creative, especially the old ass Audigy line. The DG is a good card, though I prefer the DS and D1/DX, being more feature filled. Should be fine for you though.

    Also, it may be possible to configure Skype to use a sound device [headset, soundcard, or onboard] that is NOT the Windows default. [IE: Skype can come out of headset, where everything else goes to soundcard/onboard]. Never used it, but I'd be surprised if it didn't have an option to manually select a sound device...
  2. Yep! the only card you list that's worthwhile is the Asus.
    The others are worse then the onboard chip.
  3. Ok, thanks for the update
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