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I am just looking to be able to play some of my games a little smoother, I don't expect to be able to max the setting out with my budget.

System Specs
Pentium 4 550 3.4Ghz HT
1GB Kingston DDR2-400 (4 Sticks, Tossing these either way)
XFX Radeon HD 4550 1GB 64bit DDR2 (625mhz core,1270mhz mem)

Option 1:
Radeon HD 4670 1GB 128bit DDR3 (750mhz core,1600mhz mem)
Wintec Ampo 2GB DDR2-800 Memory

Total Price - $100 Shipped

Option 2:
Athlon X2 5600 + Motherboard
G.Skill 1GB DDR2-800 Memory

Total Price - $96 Shipped

Which option would give me a larger performance increase in games?
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    To play games better option 1 would provide the better solution.

    It would be better though if you get a modern CPU like a Phenom II or a Core 2 Duo since the CPU dictates the long term use of your system.
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  3. Thanks,

    Since I want to play games immediately (lol) and since option 1 provides the largest performance increase, that is was I will go with for now.

    In a few months I will "finish" my build with a more modern CPU and Motherboard, possible new ram aswell.

    Thanks again for the response :).
  4. Phenom II / Core 2 Duo = not modern and yeah better off with Option 1 for short term. 100$ is not worthy of a CPU/Mobo Upgrade.

    Weird RAM brand also?
    $28.99 Free Shipping
    $64.99 Free Shipping (-15$ Mail in Rebate, $49.99)

    $78.99 After Rebates, Incl. Shipping

    or with 5670

    $98.99 Including Shipping After Rebate (108.99 Before)

    Edit; Pentium 4, you do have a PCI-E slot and not an AGP? lol
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