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Mac Pro 2007 Graphics Card Options

Hi all, I'm new to the threads, but was hoping to get some help. My Mac Pro (late 2007) just had the graphics card crash (code 43 error that apparently means the graphics card has died). It has an 8800gt and I can no longer boot into mac, but can bootcamp into win7, but the graphics card is not functional (reinstalling drivers and what not doesn't fix anything).

I was hoping to get a replacement of some sort that was around $200 or less. I found an xfx hd-5770 but I am not sure if it is compatible in my mac pro. I've looked around and there are no clear cut answers. Apple has been useless about supporting/providing information about this, so maybe someone can give me some advice on this issue. If you have a better idea for a graphics card (I just want to be able to play SC-2 and MW2 - games like that, and be able to play games in the future without needing to upgrade again soon).

So, if you have any ideas I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm looking to purchase a card soon.

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  1. the xfx hd-5770 will work with your mac pro,

    A mac is mearly a PC with a different OS.

    Macs are comparable to prebuilt PCs like Dell.

    They contain mostly generic brand parts.

    The only thing that would keep you from being able to use the card is if your PSU is not good enough...

    Or does not have the right cords..

    But I really would suggest the GTX 460 1g version if your going to be gaming.
  2. Thank you so much for the quick reply. The only reason I am hesitant about 'mac compatible' graphics cards is that the apple website is really sketchy about available cards. For example they have 'upgrade kits' ( that are 250 dollars, but I found the HD 5770 for $150:
    ( so I thought that was odd.

    But you're saying the GTX 460 1gb is worth the ~60-70 difference to upgrade to it? Is the performance difference that great/longevity of the card would make that worth it? From reading around everyone does seem to recommend the 460.
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    Hello and welcome to the forums
    I'm not sure about GTX 460 but HD 5770 should work fine
    "I have a MP 2007 2,1 Will this card work in my system? It's the 3Ghz dual quad core (8 total cores) MP."
    "Yes, its working great on my workstation, MP 2007 2,1. it feels much faster than my old ATI Radeon 1900."
  4. Hey Maziar, thanks for checking in on this. I wasn't able to find the hd 5770 on apples so thanks for posting. Do you think, if I went that route, that I'd need to order the 'upgrade kit' or would it be fine to find the 100 dollar cheaper version of the 5770 from amazon or somewhere and go with that?

    I know the parts are essentially the same, I just dont want to risk being stuck with a graphics card that wont fit/isn't compatible.

  5. hmm,i think they are pretty much the same;however,i would go with the Apple upgrade kit,its more expensive but if anything goes wrong with it,you can tell Apple about it.
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  7. I ended up getting a gtx 460, and it is currently not supported by mac pros except on my windows boot camp partition. It has since inspired me to sell my mac pro and build a custom computer - I'm actually really glad it worked out that way. Ha.

    Thanks for the help.

    Btw- you have to buy an additional 2 cables for the gtx to be able to connect it to a mac (ebay - pci express cords) that have the mac compatible hookups (to connect it to the power supply).
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