Close to purchasing this $900 gaming build, final thoughts?

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This is my first build for a $900 gaming rig. I'd appreciate any input. I'm still willing to spend more if anyone would advise any upgrades to level things out.

Case: Definitely need the handle. :)

Mobo: Based on recommendation, not sure about ASRock, willing to get ASUS or other equivalent if suggested.

GPU: Already compared to GTX470 and 6870. This seemed better price/performance.

PSU: Looking for Crossfire down the road. Did I leave enough room?

SSD: Haven't found a 60G around this price point, still looks great.
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  1. You have two MB's on your wish list. I have used both and can't really say one is better than the other. Many would say Gigabyte based on rep and the fact that ASRock used to be lower end. ASRock is a good board too.
    I had a CM Storm Scout case. I didn't care for it and actually returned it and bought the 922 to replace it. I found two things wrong with the case
    1. The design of the door prevented me from installing a fan filters for the 120MM intake fans I wanted to mount
    2. I had mounted a CM Hyper 212 CPU cooler. The case was narrow, the cooler tall and that also prevented me from mounting one of the two 120MM side intake fans.
    The case is 8.6" wide which is pretty standard for a mid tower. I found the 922 and storm sniper 10" wide which accommodates the taller cpu coolers and still leaves room for fans in the door if you choose to mount them there. If mounting filtered side intake fans isn't important it doesn't matter though.
    Finally, have you considered an after market CPU cooler? The CPU is BE and OC's easily but you should have a high quality cooler rather than the stock one if you plan to OC your cpu. Cooler Master has several good low cost models available. Noctua makes great coolers too.
    is a good site for reviews
  2. g048989h - Thanks for the input on the case. I wasn't sure if side-fans were necessary, but it's discouraging you weren't able to install them with filters.

    I'd be crazy not to OC this, right? I'm not sure how much to though really. I'm still checking out heatsinks. Thanks!

    peteypablo319 - Combo breaker! Yes, thank you. That almost certainly is the PSU I'll go with. I'm not sure about the CPU/MOBO combo, thanks though.
  3. no problem its a great deal. and if you dont like the cpu mobo combo just switch it up to another amd or intel chip either way. just trying to give you options. also for a cheap but great cooler go with the cooler master 212 plus its $15 after rebate!
  4. And you said you want a 60GB SSD for around $100 here is a 64 GB samsung drive that went on sale today!!!
    SSD- Samsung 64 GB SSD- $99.99 with free shipping

    It seems like a great buy.
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