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Metro 2033 fps drop in lighty areas


If I play metro 2033 on very high video settings and 1920x1200 with a pair of ati 5850's I experience heavy unreal fps drop in lighty areas. Doesn't matter if I use dx11 or 10 fps drops like from 60 to 20.

Has anyone else experienced this or is this only my strange issue? Do you know any solutin/fix for this?

Thx in advance!
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    What do you mean by "lightly areas"? If you mean area's that are well lit then its normal for your FPS to dip drasticly because in the light you can see more detail and see far into the distance, In the dark you cannot.

    Try turning off advanced depth of field in the settings if you have it on. Tesselation will also hurt your FPS alot.
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