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Radeon HD 5770 tessellation

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October 11, 2010 9:59:14 AM

Hello, I'm having issues with tessellation.
When i ran unigine heaven 2.1 benchmark i didint have any tessellation at all, then i read up that i should uninstall all of my video drivers and reinstall the newest ones, so i did using Driver Sweeper in safe mode, then when i installed the 10.9 ati catalyst driver suite i ran the unigine heaven 2.1 and i had tessellation it looked cool and all, then i rebooted my pc and tried again, and there wasnt any tessellation again. help please ?

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October 11, 2010 10:09:12 AM

But thats a huge downgrade, i mean there were many performance updates since 10.3 ?
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October 11, 2010 10:40:36 AM

Just install it.New drivers are worser than old.

Do you have some facts to back that up?
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October 11, 2010 11:33:31 AM

well, i tested that my self...uninstalled 10.9 and installed 10.4 (which i think the most stable version of CCC)
and everything is much better...even got a 1 or 2 more fps in some games :) 
October 11, 2010 12:22:00 PM

Just install it.New drivers are worser than old.

Well, i have to disagree with you mate, i ran heaven benchmark with both 10.9 and 10.4, and 10,9 show better performance, here's a screenshot :

October 11, 2010 12:29:44 PM

just have to copy the link by yourself, i'm trying to prove you wrong about performance in drivers, and yet, still my tessellation goes off after a reboot. :( 
October 11, 2010 12:47:54 PM

lol. just showed to another person, worked fine
October 11, 2010 1:15:36 PM

anyway, problem still not solved :( 
October 11, 2010 1:48:37 PM

10.4, everyone states that its the stablest version, not the 10.3
October 11, 2010 2:22:23 PM

mayb it different from video card to another.
@dipankar2007ind: What is your video card?!
October 12, 2010 11:22:24 AM

tried 10.3 , so its definitely not a driver version fault. what could it be ? any ideas anyone ? maybe it has something to do with the bios of the card? (ain't a fan of flashing vga bios)
October 12, 2010 4:17:23 PM

I think its a windows problem, i dont have the support for dx11, cant run any game with dx11, says unable to initialize dx11 or games just crash on load.
October 12, 2010 5:10:31 PM

yes ofcourse
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October 12, 2010 5:53:36 PM

You are arguing points that are mute, do to different system setups you will find that different ATI drivers perform differently. I have a 5850 and found 10.4 to run best, ATI has since made improvements in some parts of its drivers but I found that in the games I play 10.4 had the least issues and ran the fastest.
October 12, 2010 6:02:41 PM

I tried updating directx, I'm thinking of reinstalling windows, but dont think that it will give any results :/ 
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October 12, 2010 6:19:26 PM

You may get best results by doing so.
October 13, 2010 3:29:03 PM

Hehe, after a few reboots it looks to work fine, thank you all for trying to help.

Seems that reinstalling windows solves everything after all :)  p.s if anyone's interested im running 10.9 now