HD5770 IceQ vs 5770 Club 3D OC

The 5770Q is going for just under R2000 while the OC 5770 is going for an average of R250 less. If the latter is better with 875Mhz & 4900Mhz Core and Memory Clocks compared to the former with 850Mhz and 4800Mhz then why on earth is it cheaper? Please, someone put my mind at ease. I don't want to spend the extra money for no reason or what appears to be a stupid move in terms of performance here. Both feature Eyefinity as well apparently although there are conflicting reports about that.

System Specs:

Q6600 B3 OC to 3,6Ghz
V6GT Coolermaster Aircooler
4GB DDR2-800
3x WD Caviar Green 2TB HDD's (64Mb cache)
250 GB Seagate Glyph HDD
650W Coolermaster eXtreme PSU
HD4830 OC to 625Mhz Core, 1000Mhz Memory
Win 7 64Bit Ultimate
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  1. Well one can be overclocked and the other one is already factory overclocked, that's why the one which is factory OC'ed is cheaper than the one that can be OC'ed.

    So if you plan on OC'ing your card buy the non OC'ed version, and if you do not plan on OC'ing the card buy the Factory OC'ed one.
    I hope this helps.... :)
  2. +1
    Also 5770 IceQ runs cooler too.
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