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Hi, good morning!!

I recently updated my ATI graphic card 9550 series. It went well for a while, now my pc crashes very often, as before, and I was shut down with the problem : ati2dvag....What is this please and what am I doing wrong?

I also have a graphic card onboard, which I thought I deactivated, but not sure what is happening...Thanks for any help.

Have a great day,
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  1. we need more info. full system specs? (including PSU).

    when do the crashes occur? during load or idle?

    what sort of crash? system shut down, BSOD, Windows failure?

    based on the error code given, it seems like a driver issue. are you running the latest driver for the GPU?
  2. Win XP P?rof. Version 2002 Spack 3, AMD 64 Processor 4000+; 2,40 GHz, 1,00 GB RAM, ATI Radeon 9500/X1050 series; ACPI-Uniprocessor-PC; PSU = 220V ??

    Crashes when I am using it, working, searching, typing....
    I get a Blue Screen telling me they had to shut down, twice now it has been: ati2dvag
    It has always been a graphic card problem, but I can never get it sorted out and the computer guys where I live never repair it long enough; like they need me to keep coming back for their business or they are not competent enough... (tongue-in-cheek..:( )
    I updated for a 64 bit and ATI said I didn't have one!! But this is what my system info tells me.....
    Thanks for your reply, you're great!!
  3. To this reply, I forgot to ask, what is a secondary graphic card? Is that the one on the motherboard????
  4. You will need at least a 500W power supply and you should back up and then format your Windows partition and reinstall Windows. I always get trouble with a hardware upgrade until Windows is reinstalled.
    If you still have trouble after that, download the latest drivers from the ATI website, then check thorougly you BIOS is set properly it should be 'PEG' not 'PCI' on the graphics option.
    Having the onboard graphics enabled should not make a difference either way.
    Also what brand of gfx card is it, I have always had trouble (occasional crashes) with the cheaper brands.
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