Acer ASpire 5050 the wont boot up all the way but instead cycles

I have an Acer Aspire 5050 that wlil not boot up correctly. When you turn it on, the "ACER" screen comes up. It is in the is screen that you are supposed to hit <F2> to enter setup. The system will not let me in to the setup. The system then displays a error message, PXE-E61. It then goes to the boot up selection menu: Normal, last good configuration, safe mode, safe mode with networking or command prompt. It doesn't matter which of these I select, It then goes to the Windows XP screen with the bar moving at the bottom of the screen. It then completely shuts down and then starts itself over again.

I have tried to boot of a CD but it wont let me.

I can not get into Setup or BIOS or anything.

Can you help me?
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  1. I googled the error and found a bunch of info on the error. I'm not sure if this will help you. I had a similar issue with my Son's PC and had to put his HDD into my PC as a slave, then format it and reload a fresh install of XP to fix it. I decided it was a virus looping the system. Who knows if it was for sure but he is still using that HDD months later with no issues now so....
    Any way, if the link doesn't work just google the code and read some of the info
  2. Thank you. I would have already done that but I dont have the connector to make it a slave in my desktop. Maybe Santa will bring me one!
  3. Keep checking back here or enable the email feature cause there are many wise people on this forum who may have a solution for you. I may be wrong and someone may have an answer other than mine.
  4. I do not get Operating system not found
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