Which mother board for AMD X6 1100T

Hi All,
I am buildind a new PC.
Ive decided on the AMD X6 1100T, but cannot decide on an applicable MB.
I will be using the PC primarily for designing 3D drafting with two monitors. Maybe three
Occasionaly some gaming.
At a mininum I would like to have the following capabilities on the MB.
Position for two Video cards SLI or Crossfire
A PCI slot.
An rs 232 connection, but not required I can add a card.(this is for my digitizer.
16MB ddr3 ram best I can get.
Any help please
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  1. I was checking Tigers Direct, and noticed there are some nice MSI boards there. Some of them do not even have onboard video, but They have support for SLI/Crossfire(depending on your prefrences) Fast RAM 1600Mhz or more, and overall I have never had any promblems with MSI. They have Sata 6g/s interface, and Universal Serial Bus 3.0! They may be your best option.
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