Can't insert HD5750 Silent on Asus P7P55D + Thermalright HR2


I am running into a problem concerning a build based on the Asus P7P55D, the Club 3D Radeon HD5750 and the Thermalright HR-02.

I can not insert the Radeon card on the mobo as there are components on the card touching the side of the Thermalright HR-02.

On the picture below, the components I am referring to are the 4 orange ones.

First question would be, what are those ? are they heat sinks ?

Second question is, is it ok to remove those and how to do so without harming the card.

Also, I tried to plug the card on the second available slot but its reduced speed (x4 instead of x16) is noticeable on full hd content.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Those are heatsinks and yes you could remove them but as the card is a silent version I'm assuming it does not have fan and so it might get overly hot and burn out if you did take them off.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I am using a very well designed case (the fortress ft-02) so I have great airflow. I am willing to try and remove those. Could you tell me how I can remove those without harming the card ? Thanks a lot.
  3. Either run the PC for a while and let the card heat up then shut it down and remove the card as quickly as possible and then gently twist them off or take the card out and use a hair-dryer to warm each one up in turn again using a twisting motion to get them off.
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