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Which brand is best?

Im planning to get a GTX 460, but Im wondering which is the best brand?

I have an i5 760 and i am not planning to overclock
I mainly play starcraft 2
My case is the apevia x dreamer 3
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    The ECS GTX460 Black is the quietest and coolest 460 ever tested at Guru3d, and it's one of the best overclockers. The key is it's Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo PRO cooler:

    Since I know you will get the usual MSI Cyclone or Hawk recommendations, note that the ECS Black shows load temps a full 16c lower than the Cyclone and a full 9c lower than the Hawk. For noise, it's tested at 37dB vs. 43dB for the Cyclone and Hawk at load.
  2. All depends weather you get a reference card (blower fan) or a "Custom"/"Super" Card.

    The Custom/Super cards are overclocked from the factory and usually have better cooling in the form of blowing cold air onto the GPY chipset rather than like the reference coolers which blow the air away from the chipset.

    But - The Best Custom/Super are the MSI/ECS/GIGABYTE Cards
    But a non overclocked reference card. All about the same tbf. Difference being the logo of the manufactuer, warranty may via and game bundles. so pretty much take your pick
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