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I am wanting to buy a new graphics card for my PC. Because of the price/performance/power draw ratio, I have decided to go with the Sapphire Vapor-X HD 5770. I only want the bare minimum power supply. No room for expansion. Hoping to get 2 years out of the PSU. My system is as follows:

Phenom ii x2 555 Black 3.2GHz (Not going to overclock, using stock cooler)
Regular Asus Mobo (M4A88TD)
2x2GB DDR3 1333 A-Data RAM
Samsung Spinpoint 500GB 3GB/s SATA HDD
2x80mm Case Fans
Integrated HD 4250

I am running this build off of a Silverstone 400w PSU. I am hoping to be able to upgrade to the new card without buying a PSU. I have used raptor x, newegg, and the AA PSU Calculator. Do you think 400w is enough to power these for the next two years. The current build is less than 3 months old so their should be no degrading yet.
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  1. Yes you should be fine.
  2. no . you need at least 530W
  3. where are you getting that number from? 530 watt?
  4. That silverstone unit would work just fine, you can also pick up a Corsair 430CX which got a good review from Jonnyguru for a bit less, its a bit more powerful but either unit would have no issues with those specs.
  5. well I already have the silverstone, so if I dont need to upgrade, then Im not going to. Btw, where do you guys get your numbers from. how do you know if the psu will work or not?
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    If you already have it then you are fine.

    Most of your system power comes off the 12V rail, and the two biggest power draws in a system are the GPU and the CPU, the 5770 pulls about 110W, the 555 pulls about 80W, throw in about 40W for the motherboard, 10 for the drives and fans and it comes out to 240W on the 12V rail or about 20A.
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