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With the GT 430 being released into the sub $100 market and the ddr5 variant in works,Is Nvidia trying to dust out ATi frm frm dis category?
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  1. Looks like a replacement for the GT220 to me, nothing earth shattering.
  2. ^ replacement for GT220 is the ddr3 version
    Now, it’s important to mention that the GF108 GPU is quite capable of working with GDDR5 memory and that a GDDR5-based variant is in the works. But the DDR3 version will be available first.

    we hav seen ddr5 variants hav twice the bandwidth thn ddr3 variants.So this means when they release a ddr5 variant,the HD 5670 hav 2 get ready for some tough ride.
  3. Even with DDR5 they won't exactly be pant wetting stuff but I know what you are getting at when you say that they will bring some competition to that sector, finally.
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