All-in-one PC please? (HT, Game, workstation)

I've looked at the HT build thread, but none of these computers will do for me.
I want an HT pc, where I can occasionally game with, my wife can use as a workstation to edit photo's, and during the night it needs to stay on for some bittorrent (in other words, have low power consumption).

I've looked at some specs, some hardware, what would your recommendations be? Home made, or bought from the store?

I have preferences, for a HD I DON'T want Western Digital, had too many drives fail on me of them just outside of warranty; processor intel, graphics ATI; mobo preferably NOT MSI, because it comes with lots of crap I don't need.
For processor, HT would be nice, preferably on a lower than 45nm die. I am doubtful if I need the internal graphics chip, but perhaps it can come in handy for a dual display configuration, where one card is showing the actual game, while the other has a panel opened or another program or so.
Seemingly Intel forced the IGP in all of their processors save for the highest Corei7 ones. I think they would do better to just keep the graphics in the corei3 instead, and leave the i5 and i7 without graphics! anyways,

It'll be an upgrade from an old PC (Core2Duo 2,0Ghz, 667Mhz RAM 2GB, intel integrated graphics (GMA...???...), so I hope the following configuration will be good on my electric bill, and still have the power to do what I want to do)

Here's what I had in mind:

- $210 Corei5-660 (4MB cache, 32nm, 3,33Ghz, HT)
good enough to edit photo's and an occasional video conversion job.
- $160-220 Radeon 6850, 5830 or 5850, 1GB RAM.
I'm not playing many games and probably World of Warcraft and DC universe will be most I'd get out of my card in the near future.
- $60 GSkill 4GB of DDR3 1600 RAM
performance RAM is not really needed, Be running mostly 32bit systems
- $80 Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST31500341AS 1.5TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5"
'nough space, good brand, good price
- $60-90 BlueRay player/DVD/CD ROM.
No need for blueray burning, just for watching and occasional burning of CD/DVD
- $100-125 case + Power Supply
$800-910 Total

- OS not necessary, I still have a copy of XP, and Vista, and perhaps in the future I might consider 7.
- Monitor: A standard 17" 1600x1024 and a HD TV 1280x768, no purchase necessary
- Keyboard and mouse (both USB) we already have.
- Monitors we already have 2 studio monitors as desktop speakers.
- Bluetooth not necessary

- Optional mobo extra's that are desired but not necessary: integrated wireless, gigabit lan port, at least 4 USB ports on the back and 2 on the front, space for 1 PCI sound blaster Audigy 2 card next to the space necessary for the graphics card. integrated audio, HDMI or VGA connector on integrated graphics (if any).

Any hardware recommendations for case, graphics card and mobo?
I like small, and efficient. No cases for mods, or tuning, no lights, just a plain quiet case with a good powersupply and a mobo that would fit the above hardware (unless you find improved hardware, and find that it would be essential to change
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  1. CAse wise, antec 300. Comes with a 430w basiq as well. $69 after promo code

    i5-660 is a waste of money. Go with either a i5-760 ( a cheaper AND better processor) or a xeon x3440 if you want hyperthreading as well.

    Both above are socket 1156, so a asus p7p55d-e LX will work fine. No xfire though.
    $130 w/ $10 MIR

    Sound card is pretty much useless outside pro audio work. Onboard sound is equivalent to everything except the very best discrete audio cards.

    Don't use a 7200.11 horrible HD's. Use a 7200.12 or spinpoint F3. Both have 1tb versions for ~$70.

    5850 for $175 after MIR would be best choice for you right now.

    PSU won't run xfire of these, but the mobo isn't xfire capable anyway.

    Integrated graphics can and MUST be disabled if you use a discrete GPU. To run multiple monitors you use 1 gpu with multiple outputs. You can't use a discrete GPU to run1 monitor and integrated to run another.

    If you're doing workstation tasks, you should not be using a 32 bit OS.
  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your response!

    The case you suggest will do, but is a little large. It'll have to stand next to the TV in the livingroom, so I'd prefer it to be a bit smaller.

    The i5 you suggested is priced about the same, $5 difference, but has a much higher thermal envelope, due to it's 45nm manufacturing.
    Like said, apart from playing WOW now and then, or doing an occasional video conversion this pc would do not many CPU intensive jobs. In fact the majority of the time it'll be passive, so a good thermal envelope of the whole system is a priority over performance,unless I could cut a real good deal in it!

    Mobo seems good, as long as it can fit in a bit smaller tower, or cube. I'd ultimately prefer a cube shaped case.

    What is so horrible about the .11 version of seagate? I've never had issues with their hd's so I assumed that any would be a good drive. It has quite some good reviews too. I'll look into newegg for more reviews about HD!

    The soundcard I already own. It has onboard EAX that far surpasses that of integrated soundcards, and is great for games.
    It also comes with a joystick port (not used much anymore,but it supports my steering wheel and pedals for car race games).

    Xfire is not a necessity, so I don't really mind about not having it.

    Good you tell me about integrated graphics! I'd probably prefer a CPU without integrated graphics then!

    Looking at the graphics, and compatibility of cases, mobo's and graphics cards, I might as well go for a deal like this and add a Radeon graphics card in it:

  3. if you can use a micro-atx, you might look into this squat little Rosewill case:
  4. I think you might be better off with the i5 750. If it is paired with a semi decent cooler it doesn't get hot at all. Right now, the hottest core in mine is at 27C. I am using an Coolermaster Hyper 212+, but you could find something that would fit in the Rosewill case.

    The combo that you listed has the i7 870, which is the same as the i5 750, except that it has hyperthreading, which is useless for you. All it will do is add heat and power consumption.
  5. This has everything you asked for pretty much and its SUPER sleek looking and an -all-in-one like you wanted.... 4GB ram, Quadcore, Dedicated Video card, plus it has a touch-screen built in, WiFi built in, and even a webcam. Your wife will like it for sure, mine does :D

    Lenovo Ideacentre B305 4031-1HU 21.5-Inch TouchScreen all-in-one Desktop
  6. Temperature of a CPU while, helped by a smaller die size, is not solely determined by it.

    Intel speedstep tech in particular makes a huge difference, and in a CPU that has to constantly throttle up to higher freq to accomplish a task, the end result may be higher energy and power usage.

    7200.11 has high failure rates and had a nonstop wave of firmware issues.

    The i5-660 are all clocked to very high speeds, stock, and require a higher freq for equivalent performance.

    In addition, idle power is about the same, w/in 10 watts.

    Look at the Atom vs i3 efficiency comparison. The 4w TDP atom is less efficient than the 73W TDP i3 thanks to the fact that it must use so much more of the processing capacity to accomplish the same tasks.,review-31890.html
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