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Hi all,

I have just finished my first build and there has been some problems I hope someone can advise me on. When I first turned on the computer I received a warning saying “chassis intrusion detected" so I examined all cables (everything was fine) and rebooted the system. I did not receive this warning again. The computer booted it up, I configured and updated the BIOS and installed windows successfully. I managed to browse the internet, download drivers and updates etc. without any problems. I also obtained a windows experience score and all components were detected successfully.

I then tried to play games on the computer (Starcraft 2) and within several seconds the display and sound crashed, power was still running as the leds and fans were still on. I restarted the computer and tried another game (Crysis) and again the crash occurred, however this time power completely shut off.

I have since been unable to turn on the computer. I have removed all non-essential components but the system will not turn on. There is power going into the motherboard as the motherboards power and reset switches light up but the computer will not turn on. I have checked that all system panel connector cables, power cables etc. are installed correctly.

It seems that some component in the motherboard (fuse maybe) is gone as it will no longer turn on or even power the fans. I have also checked that the graphics card is functioning.

Anyone any ideas if it sounds like a faulty component (and if so which one) or if its something I did wrong in the build ?

Any help would be greatly appriciated.
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  1. Have you tried these?I suspect this has happened due to either a bad psu or maybe there is a problem with the RAM.Try the above and report what you find.
  2. Thanks for the guide, I removed everything except for the psu, cpu and fan and there was a small puff of smoke, which I am assuming is from the psu. I should be able to get a replacement as it is only a week old, however I hope it did not damage my motherboard or any other components :o
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