I have a 46 inch Samsung flat screen TV (not plasma) and a Blue Ray DVD player. What is the best surround sound system for the money and are wireless speakers better or worse than wired speakers?
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  1. Firstly only consider Samsung brand Audio systems to go with your samsung TV. Reason being is they will communicate with each other over HDMI and will allow for ALL features to work. If you don't then some of the features for your surround sound wornt work. An example of this is plug an xbox into your tv and the TV cannot pass the xbox sound back to the Surround sound system. If it's samsung then it will pass all tv sound from any input device to the surround sound system. Also you will be able to control the surround sound with the samsung remote.

    As for wireless speakers I havn't experianed any loss of quality. But somtimes they might cut out if you have a long ways to go and stong wife interference already like an apartment complex. I personaly prefer the convience so that would be my choice. Wireless speakers.
    Just some food for thought there.
  2. As of today, most of the wireless speakers can give you a pretty nice quality, not as good as wired ones, but heh, the gap's pretty small nowadays and most people can't even tell the difference.

    As thlillyr said about Brands, I don't know to confirm anything, but I think if the TV's plugged into your sound system directly like with optical cable, it should be fine enough.
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