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I've been experiencing problems with the FFXIV game... is just randomly freezes, then it recovers after a few seconds, but the image and color is now distored.. like "artifacts", this can happen after a good while, or within 5 minutes. Running everything in low settings, tried full screen and windowed mode.

This only happens with this game in particular, all other games run fine (EVE, Battlefield Co 2, LOTRO)

Already updated to the latest drivers and still happens.

Could it be that the game is just too much for this card to handle and it dies at somepoint? Or could it be something else in the rig?

Nothing is Overclocked.

Intel i5 CPU
Windows XP SP3
PNY Nvidia GT 240 512MB DDR5

Any ideas are welcome, thanks.
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  1. So much for minimum system requirements (which is a tad over min)..... =(
  2. Arcor said:
    So much for minimum system requirements (which is a tad over min)..... =(

    Its a poorly optimized game.

    People have been reporting lag even with good graphics cards / computers.
  3. More than likely the problem is thermal related if the game run some times fairly well while doing this other times at random. So I suggest that you clean the card of any dust or at the Very least raise the fan speed. Beyond that you can try the latest drivers to rule that out.
  4. I did dust the card in the beginning and have latest drivers... I'll see about raising the fan speed.

    Any particular set of tools/software for manually adjusting the fan speed?
  5. Damn, those scores suck. I bought it blindly hoping that Square had learned from FFXI a thing or two... but it seems not. Well, Im stuck with it 2 months.. free month + I had to buy Crysta.. wont take my Credit Card to the odd system they have, so might make the best of it... I can always go cry silently into the Wormhole I live in EVE. ;-)

    Thanks for the info.
  6. For me its Wow but I can't imagine someone having 6 accounts with a 7th else ware :o I lost count how many retail accounts that I had with Blizzard. Discovers new games like Risen, Gothic 4, and Divinity 2.
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  8. Update on this:

    Since now we get 2 months free in FFXIV.. and to future-proof somewhat on the video card department (Im seeing you STWOR). Got a Gigabyte GTX460... now the game works like a charm, the ocassional lag spike, but no more color crashing.

    There was no thermal problem as I checked the temp log, so indeed everything points to card was too weak to for the game, further tested by my brother who also had a GT240.. slapped in an old 8800GT and is also free of color crashing now.
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