HD 5770

can my system run ATI radeon hd 5770?

My System

Monitor - 18.5" Intex
Motherboard- asrock G41M-VS2
Ram - 4GB
Processor - core2 Quad Q9550
Bus Support -1 x PCI Express x16 slot
PSU - intex 550w
OS - Windows 7
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  1. any reccomended good psu for hd 5770?
  2. Is it compulsury that i must connect graphics card with my pc psu or i can run n play games without 6-pin PCI Express power connector?
  3. If you could play games without that, there would be no 6 pin connection on the video card.
  4. plzz make meclear about 6-pin PCI Express power connector n graphics cards relation with games..
  5. You'll be able to run the HD 5770 with your current crappy PSU. Just don't overclock. The more you stress a PSU (especially a crappy one) the sooner it will be likely to fail.

    You will need a 6-pin connection. The video card usually comes with one, but check to make sure before buying.
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  7. thanks dipankar2007ind...
  8. thanks jaguarskx
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