Migrating from an old ide machines to a new sata machine

Hello,I am trying to migrate from a old ide machine to a new sata machine. Is there a way to clone the ide drive to the sata drive?
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  1. you can buy a self powered USB 2.0 IDE enclosure and connect to new machine
    they are about 15 to 20 USD on ebay
    is it just data or is it Operating System your trying to clone?
    If it is just data then use a good file manager program to copy from ide to sata
    I use NexusFile (freeware just google it) it makes it easy to copy files instead of
    using Windows Explorer
    if you want to clone over an image then use
    Paragon Backup and Recovery 2010 Free Advanced Edition
    again it is freeware and will clone entire drive
  2. this is link to a ide enclosure I just ordered on USA ebay
    it is 14.50 with free shipping
    I had an Maxtor 200gb IDE in perfect shape and needed extra storage on
    a budget (do alot of video recording) so I ordered that
    $15 for 200gb extra storage is a good deal in my opinion :)

    Also if you are trying to clone an image of OS to a new machine
    that wont work usually
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