Cheap Gaming desktop?

Hey would be appreciated. I'm lookin for a desktop or laptop if possible that could play games on high (not shooters lik Far cry) . Rts really lik the upcoming stronghold 3. Im16 so income is not reli very high although I would think my parents could bak me up maybe as christmas is approaching. I hav around 200€ saved up and hav part time job with very small wage so price range would be at max 6-700. If at all possible wed need to last a few years so desktop would be first choice as I can upgrade later. Not reli a comp specs wizard I know slightly more than basics.(e.g know how to repair comp bbut retardted wen it comes to overclocking etc.) happy to provide more info as advice is really needed. Cheap as can be is best choice as recession in Ireland here is a major money drain :( thanks everyone
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  1. £46.98 £59.67 £43.59 £107.59

    thats a decent enough rig to play on for a while, and all you need to add to that is case and psu, shop around for parts, see if you can skim a few punts off the total,
    some sites are:
    but if you look for a triplecore amd 435 or higher, 4Gb of suitable ram and a minimum of 770 chipset you should be onto a winner for a budget game rig
  2. do i need heatsink?
    could u also reccomend :
    suitable case for motherboard? im a little new to pc building bu logically does that motherboard fit any case?
    hard drive?
    cd drive?

    much appreciated the quick help thx
  3. its not clear wat ur total budget is and in which currency?
  4. He has 200 Euro's atm max budget €6-700, he's in Ireland so uk sites would be fine

    That Mobo will fit in any Atx size or larger case, look for 'Atx' in the case description
    dont buy M-Atx, its too small
    That chip I linked is a retail pack so should have a standard issue Amd heatsink in the box, if not, there are plenty of decent reasonably priced <£20 one out there
    Hard drives, the size is up to you but western digital have decent ones, make sure you look for the rpm speed, you want 7200rpm, nothing less, and cant afford faster yet
    I'm off to bed its 0730 and I need my beauty sleep :)
  5. ^ Means total budget is around 600£(700€), Correct?
  6. yes, as far as I can make it out
  7. thx for all the replies bu heres the deal...i went to my mom about dis bu she was hesitant...she said even dat much (around 450€) was a lot of money to put in to just BUILDING a PC as wen its all put toghether it might not work or if parts break by accident im screwed. bu she did say she didn't mind paying around 700 for a good laptop as il need one for college in two years. so next question any good laptops dat could do wat i want for around dat price?
    maybe some sites dat sell them?
    or maybe any good desktops for maybe a bit less than that price for these purposes?

    P.S i kno gaming+ cheap = dont exist blah blah but maybe some good ones maybe cheap if looked for
    i thought i saw alienware mx15 for around dat price but maybe not :)

    help really appreciated :wahoo:
  8. Note to Shuri's Mum,:P
    Building your own pc is a good option as you gain the knowledge of how your pc is put together and works, making you your own tech support,
    I'm pretty sure that both N.I. and Eire are covered by U.K. trading standards law which means all parts bought will have a one year manufacturers guarantee enabling a return in the event of faulty components.
    The accidental damage of course is down to Shuri being careful :)
    give a man a fish he eats tonight, teach him to fish........

  9. I also agree with above post. you r going to college in 2 years which is a long time and buying a laptop now wont be anything near gud by then and then comes issues of a laptop, any part goes bust in it, whole laptop has to be sent back, cost twice for repairing/upgrading etc. So my suggestion would be to build ur own desktop pc rite now for around 450£ and upgrade it later on when going to college, if by then u really need portability, u can get ur self a cheap netbook for campus work etc and do ur major work on the desktop.
  10. Building your own PC is more economically sensible than getting a laptop in so many ways.

    You're not stupid and you have a forum of people willing to help with any problems so building one is the better option in all aspects.

    I agree with mars, why not get a cheap desktop build that can do some gaming while investing the rest in a little netbook for university things.
  11. mom said shed think about it :) im tryin to save as much money as i can
    jus lookin through and found this graphics card:
    ...wonderin wat yer opions would be?

    any oder reccomended parts would be appreciated also :)
  12. No one can recommend anything without specifying a budget first !!
  13. For last time :)

    Budget is between 500 and 700 €URO
  14. For last time :)

    Budget is between 500 and 700 €URO
  15. You should wait for Intel new CPU's releasing early Jan, 2011 as it will ensure a longer run for your system. About the GPU, for gaming get at least an AMD 6850 or either GTX 460

    Unfortunately you cant select each component now if u have to wait for new CPU's and the pricing of those new CPU's and its Mobo's will define which other components you can get.
  16. ks for replies. so heres the deal...wnt to her again bu shes still anxious about what if it dosn work after spending all that money blah blah... so shes now said even if i was to get the money it would only be a budget of 500 max !:( so i was looking around nyway nd jus wanted to get opinions on the specs ive picked so far...want to save as much money as possible so if ny1 knos any components for cheaper that are jus as gud or any where i can save money i would appreciate it :) ive got a hp f1523 monitor from a previous pc and ive got an old keyboard so i dont need those.. so heres wat i hav:







    CASE: choice between OR

    any better chocies or cheaper parts ?

    also i was thinking id need a disc drive also bu i havnt looked at dat yet.. i hav an old AOpen CD-952E/AKU Pro 52X CD-ROM Drive ... is der a diff wi old and new disc drives? i also hav an old xbox bu im almost hesitant to ask is it even possible to use drive :lol:

    wiuck replies as its almost deadline for ordering day :) thanks
  17. ooh boy !! 500€ or 500£?
  18. Alright i will just assume its 500€ which is some thing like 420£.

    CPU: AMD Athlon II X3 Tri Core 450 3.20GHz (58£)

    MOBO: Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H AMD 880G (55£)

    RAM: Mushkin 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333 (35£)

    GPU: XFX ATI Radeon HD 6850 1024MB GDDR5 (151£)

    HDD: SAMSUNG F3 500GB SATA II (30£)

    PSU: OCZ 500W 80+ (39£)

    CASE: Coolermaster Elite 335 (29£)

    DVD: Samsung SH-S223C 22x (12£)

    Total: 410£
  19. thanks :) that looks gud ^^ but:
    monitor is vga :/ is der vga PORT WITH GPU?
    wat is diferrences with psu?
  20. There should be an adaptor already in the gfx card box for vga monitors, if not then get something like Mianmars linked :)
  21. ^ actually there isn't one coming with the card.

    Alternative GPU: Sapphire HD6850 1GB GDDR5 (includes dvi-vga)
  22. heres wat im now down to (jus remembered dat purchase of OS was included in budget :( :( ):

    CPU: AMD Athlon II X3 Tri Core 450 3.20GHz [...] ctId=41578

    MOBO: Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H AMD 880G [...] ctId=41304

    RAM: Mushkin 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333 [...] ctId=41783

    HDD: SAMSUNG F3 500GB SATA II [...] ctId=37759

    PSU: <<(advice?)


    DVD: Samsung SH-S223C 22x [...] ctId=38547

    GPU: heres the deal breaker...i was tryin to save as much money as possible so...
    OR to save for OS
    if someone could explain differneces it would help me with choice or as always other suggestions :)
    also suggestions with choices explained would be appreciated .. thanks for all of ur respones
  23. Buy the same PSU as i linked, i guess u dont know the importance of a PSU by a gud brand and 80+ certified.

    Now that u have brought up the O.S part, things look even more tight. If u can afford both O.S and this GPU then fine other wise just get the O.S only and save some more money for GPU cause dat MOBO has on board graphics which will work in the time being.
  24. thanks for reply.
    my bro aid he wud also fund this so OS is now not a problem...budget is the same however

    MicroAtX mobo means if i wanted to put more lik tv tuner (from current pc) or second gpu i wouldnt have reqiured space?

    also (i know all i do is ask more qs haha) what is diff between sapphire and ATI radeon? are they not the same card that was posted?
  25. In the mobo u cant put another GPU, there isn't another pci-e x16 slot though u can add a tv tuner etc. In ur budget u cant have a mobo that can support 2 GPU's.

    Sapphire is a Manufacturer while ATI Radeon is the company who provide the chipset technology. Though there is no more ATI as its been acquired by AMD and all GPU's now have AMD in its name. AMD releases new GPU chipsets, then different brands like XFX, ASUS etc manufacture it.
  26. Thanks for explanation:) so would this rig be any more suitable?

    CPU: AMD Athlon II X3 Tri Core 450 3.20GHz [...] ctId=41578

    MOBO: Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H AMD 880G [...] ctId=41304

    RAM: Mushkin 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333 [...] ctId=41783

    HDD: SAMSUNG F3 500GB SATA II [...] ctId=37759

    PSU: OCZ 500W 80+ [...] perSpecial

    DVD: Samsung SH-S223C 22x [...] ctId=38547

    GPU:Sapphire HD6850 1GB GDDR5 [...] ctId=42289

  27. Ya its fine. You should hurry on ur purchase as RAM and MOBO will soon be out of stock with them.
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