I7 950 custom or wait for Sand Bridge Jan 2011

Is it worth waiting for the Sand Bridge CPU or should I go ahead with this custom build?

Will be using this workstation for Video Editing, CS5 and/or Avid.

Sand Bridge info: Intel Core i7 2600k is suppose to replace the i7 950 chip

What would the benefits and disadvantages of both CPU's be?
My last computer was under powered and full of bottlenecks so, I don't want to make the same mistake again.

Thanks for all your responses...
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  1. Until it actually releases (at least to hardware review sites), I don't think we can know for sure what the benefits and disadvantages will be.
  2. ^ that. We can't tell you how well an unreleased CPU will perform.

    Theoretically though, the higher end 4 core 8 thread ones coming in the Jan should be faster, for about the same price.

    However, I'm sure cost for current CPU's will drop significantly.

    In addition, these new CPU's are meant to be mainstream, not high end. They replace current i5's and i7-8xx chips. I7-9xx chips will not be replaced until socket 1355 in Q3 2011.

    That said, the new Sandy bridge i7's are supposed to offer better than i7-9xx performance.
  3. Thanks mauvecloud & banthracis
    I thought anandtech was a hardware review site and that it had some results from testing the new CPU. Sorry, I'm just a bit confused with all the computer language and terminology. :pt1cable:
  4. I may have been mistaken in indicating that the hardware review sites didn't have it yet - Bit-Tech indicates they have one for testing, but they're not allowed to reveal their results until it actually releases.
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